Learn EasyLanguage training course summary

The purpose of this training course is to get you up and running writing TradeStation EasyLanguage programs as quickly as possible. Over the last 8 or so years I have created a huge amount of free training materials and downloadable programs. This course will take a more structured approach to EasyLanguage training by taking you through simple videos and providing example programs that you can copy and paste. In this way you will hopefully gain the satisfaction of creating your own programs which will, hopefully, encourage you to go on to write other programs.

If you go through the course, please email me feedback to martyn.whittaker@markplex.com. If necessary I can add new segments, videos and exercises to endeavor to ensure that concepts are explained as clearly as possible.

In addition to the content below, visit this list of Tradestation EasyLanguage training and learning content embedded in regular tutorials and programs.

Basic Course

  1. An overview of the desktop etc.
  2. The difference between indicators, show me studies and paintbar studies.
  3. How to create a new EasyLanguage indicator (or showme or paintbar study)
  4. My first program. Print(“Hello World!”);
  5. How to apply the new indicator to a chart.
  6. Some of the reserved words available to you
  7. What is a variable and the main types
  8. Introduction to INPUT
  9. How to add a plot to the indicator.
  10. Formatting an indicator once applied to a chart (i.e. color thickness, style) also whether applied to sub graph or data 1.
  11. Adding a showme and paintbar plot.
  12. How to open an existing indicator and why this can be useful.
  13. Importing and exporting EasyLanguage
  14. Mathematical operators( +, -, *, / )
  15. Precedence of operations
  16. Relational operators (=, >, <, >=, <= )
  17. Logical operators (AND and OR )
  18. Introduction to TradeStation functions
  19. Explanation of MaxBarsBack.
  20. Referencing previous values using square brackets.
  21. How to add comments to your programs
  22. One dimensional arrays.
  23. Creating a counter
  24. If…Then statements
  25. If….Then statements with Begin …. End
  26. For…Begin…End statements
  27. Alerts
  28. How to print to file
  29. Using FileAppend
  30. Creating and debugging a simple strategy

Intermediate Course

  1. Writing a complex function that returns multiple values
  2. Drawing objects
  3. Two dimensional arrays
  4. Intrabarpersist variables
  5. Commentary
  6. How to use data applied to a sub chart ( up to 50 datasets allowed)
  7. Introduction to strategy development
  8. MaxBarsBack in relation to strategy development
  9. Strategy key words
  10. Intrabar order generation
  11. Built in stops, targets, and trailing stops
  12. Tying entries to exits
  13. Pyramiding
  14. Backtesting
  15. Creating indicators and show me studies for RadarScreen
  16. Drawing a rectangle in the center of a chart using XYPoint

Advanced Courses

  1. Using the global dictionary to pass information from one chart to another
  2. An example of the use of the Price Series Provider
  3. Using the Newsprovider object
  4. Sharing data with an Excel spreadsheet
  5. Using the OrderTicket, PositionsProvider and the difference with the standard strategy

Gold Pass Member Question and Answer Topics

  1. Please explain the pivot function in the following show me study?
  2. A simple example of how to draw a line on a chart
  3. Question about tutorial 7
  4. Explain how to create a strategy that will take data from multiple chart time frames
  5. Stop Limit Orders
  6. How to plot the difference between two instruments on a chart
  7. Show when the CCI for a 1 minute chart and the CCI for a 5 minute chart are both over 100
  8. How do you draw a ‘shading’ between two moving averages
  9. How to create a strategy where trades are manually instigated by adding text objects to the chart
  10. Moving average crossover strategy using limit orders
  11. Adding profit targets and stop loss to the Q&A 10 program
  12. Set up a counter followed by an alert
  13. Create a dashboard using RadarScreen
  14. Exit trades and stop trading when a certain amount of profit occurs in a day
  15. Create a condition that becomes true after pivot takes place under the entry price
  16. Calculating traders’ pivots and drawing lines on a chart
  17. Drawing a line at a stop loss level
  18. Create an indicator to show when CCI for a user specified number of bars is under a specific CCI value
  19. Use I_AvgEntryPrice to plot entry price in a show me study
  20. Create Fibonacci extension for high and low pivots
  21. Create an ADX paintbar study
  22. Simple multi-bar pattern function
  23. Draw horizontal lines at the high and low of second to last bar on the chart
  24. How to modify tutorial 13 to change line color rather than thickness
  25. High pivot order next bar question
  26. Plotting on a sub graph
  27. Simple strategy to buy at a specific time and view trade information
  28. Create specific print statement
  29. An indicator which counts moving average crosses and DOJIs
  30. Building a print statement using a string
  31. How to save and email an EasyLanguage ELD
  32. Using an object as an input to a function

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