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TradeStation EasyLanguage quick-tips

The following “quick-tips” are quick video tutorials designed to be under 5 minutes in length and that cover a single concept.

Quick-tip 1 | Find the datetime of the last bar of the chart when the program is run from the first bar on the chart

Quick-tip 2 | Plotting booleans in RadarScreen and MultiCharts Scanner

Quick-tip 3 | Opening a form attached to an EasyLanguage program for further editing

Quick-tip 4 | Horizontal plots to the right of the normal plots

Quick-tip 5 | My indicator works fine on a chart but not on RadarScreen

Quick-tip 6 | Why does my VWAP plot as an horizontal line

Quick-tip 7 | Differences between the divergence programs on this site

Quick-tip 8 | How to change the oscillator in a divergence program

Quick-tip 9 | Plotting horizontal line on sub graph 2

Quick-tip 10 | Finding the high/low/open/close for the previous day/week/month or year

Quick-tip 11 | Using the persist property with drawing objects

Quick-tip 12 | Where are variables set when using a multiple output function

Quick-tip 13 | How to detect the first tick of a bar

Quick-tip 14 | Adding price information to a text label

Quick-tip 15 | How to format date and time using BarDateTime

Quick-tip 16 | How to convert a double precision EasyLanguage DateTime to a DateTime object

Quick-tip 17 | Modify tutorial 128 to show the RSI of a volume chart

Quick-tip 18 | A new TradeStation user asked how to create a program based on code posted on the forum

Quick-tip 19 | Detect a cross of a lines drawn with the drawing tools

Quick-tip 20 | Linear regression of a moving average

Quick-tip 21 | ShowMe study that plots when the price closes in the top or bottom 25%

Quick-tip 22 | Trigger a limit order over several bars

Quick-tip 23 | Draw text labels a fixed distance from a bar, irrespective of scaling

Quick-tip 24 | Easily display useful information in the status bar for an EasyLanguage indicator

Quick-tip 25 | Changing Radarscreen cell background colors

Quick-tip 26 | Check if a string is a valid color

Quick-tip 27 | Using a paintbar study to color bars if they close higher or lower than the previous bar

Quick-tip 28 | Determining the number of decimal places for a text label

Quick-tip 29 | Why is my counter NOT incrementing?

Quick-tip 30 | With IntrabarOrderGeneration set to true, get dynamic array index is out of bounds error

Quick-tip 31 | How to avoid the “CAUTION: you have exceeded 5000 text objects” warning

Quick-tip 32 | Creating a function to regulate the number of drawing objects

Quick-tip 33 | A method to allow the use of colors from the color class in the Plot statement

Quick-tip 34 | InitializeComponent and copying “Designer Generated Code”

Quick-tip 35 | Volume ‘gotchas’

Quick-tip 36 | Debugging with the print log

Quick-tip 37 | Use StreamReader to import a symbol list into the Optimizer

Quick-tip 38 | Plotting multiple period slopes on RadarScreen

Quick-tip 39 | Can a method have an array as an input?

Quick-tip 40 | Volume criteria show me study

Quick-tip 41 | Explaining the formation of zig-zag lines

Quick-tip 42 | Finding low of daily periods and detecting a cross

Quick-tip 43 | Drawing a line at the stop level when using SetPercentTrailing

Quick-tip 44 | How to modify tutorial 144 so that it shows price levels

Quick-tip 45 | How to communicate to a receiving program that a sending program has been turned off

Quick-tip 46 | Creating text objects and vectors with methods

Quick-tip 47 | Hiding the last bar on the chart

Quick-tip 48 | The behavior of reserved words in inputs and variables

Quick-tip 49 | Apply a study to the main graph (if it applied to a sub graph by default)

Quick-tip 50 | Find the lowest RSI and how many bars ago it occurred

Quick-tip 51 | How to print an EasyLanguage program to PDF while maintaining formatting

Quick-tip 52 | Using the TradeStation scanner during the formation of a bar

Quick-tip 53 | How to modify tutorial 116 to reload the data at intervals

Quick-tip 54 | Modify tutorial 16 to use moving average rather than stochastics

Quick-tip 55 | Plot bullish engulfing pattern below moving averages

Quick-tip 56 | Using the positions provider

Quick-tip 57 | Find price where chart clicked

Quick-tip 58 | Drawing object tactics

Quick-tip 59 | | Daily hammer on intraday chart

Quick-tip 60 | Calculate the linear regression of a Hull moving average

Quick-tip 61 | Change text object when close greater than close of the previous bar

Quick-tip 62 | Convert date and time to Julian DateTime

Quick-tip 63 | Namespace explanation

Quick-tip 64 | Global dictionary example | Radarcreen to chart (real-time)

Quick-tip 65 | Number of bars after cross

Quick-tip 66 | Why the values from a study on my Radarscreen are different from those on a chart?

Quick-tip 67 | How to change the alpha value of a color

Quick-tip 68 | Identifying what order was filled

Quick-tip 69 | Why text objects can appear different in a strategy

Quick-tip 70 | Using intrabarpersist variables when drawing objects

Quick-tip 71 | Drawing a vertical line when there is a moving average crossover

Quick-tip 72 | Using the TokenList class

Quick-tip 73 | Some basic differences between TradeStation 9.5 and 10

Quick-tip 74 | Finding the highest pivot on a chart

Quick-tip 75 | Difference between Condition1 = C > O; and If C > O then Condition1 = TRUE;

Quick-tip 76 | Painting the minute bar on a 10 second bar chart

Quick-tip 77 | Printing a PDF of a program while minimizing word-wrap

Quick-tip 78 | Indicator plot formatting options

Quick-tip 79 | How to use tutorial 114 to draw stochastic ‘zones’

Quick-tip 80 | How to change a color ‘hard-coded’ in a program

Quick-tip 81 | Find and plot the high/low of last 3 5 minute bars

Quick-tip 82 | Selecting bars using a drawing object

Quick-tip 83 | A minimum of two different points are needed to be provided to the TL_New statement

Quick-tip 84 | Changing default inputs

Quick-tip 85 | Average daily volume on non daily bar type

Quick-tip 86 | Basic RadarScreen screener

Quick-tip 87 | Plot the 1600 price

Quick-tip 88 | Save a DateTime object into another DateTime object

Quick-tip 89 | Importing a text file into ELCollections

Quick-tip 90 | Add a drawing object to data2

Quick-tip 91 | Time highest volume occurred for RadarScreen

Quick-tip 92 | Finding the bar number based on a bars’ datetime

Quick-tip 93 | Navigating around

Quick-tip 94 | Drawing a vertical line on the last bar of the chart

Quick-tip 95 | Drawing a rectangle between two times and prices

Quick-tip 96 | Can ChatGPT write TradeStation EasyLanguage programs?

Quick-tip 97 | How to ensure a program only runs on today’s bars