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Rates and services

Markplex services

Markplex Corporation provides EasyLanguage® programming services for the TradeStation® trading platform. TradeStation’s EasyLanguage is a great tool. Part of Markplex’s business is to help you translate technical analysis into strategies, indicators, paint bar studies, show-me studies or other apps that may help guide your trading. Based around the use of TradeStation EasyLanguage, the following four services are offered:

1) FREE tutorials

EasyLanguage is not a difficult language to learn. The FREE tutorial pages take you through some simple STEP-BY-STEP programming examples or walk you through tutorial programs that aim to help your learn to develop your own programs.

The BIG advantage of this approach is that you will develop the tool set to adjust you trading ideas and write new programs whenever you need to and without paying high consulting fees.

Sometimes the tutorial programs are available for download for modest fees. Clients sometimes ask how the tutorials are ‘free’ if there is a charge for downloads. The answer is that it is the tutorial that is free, but necessarily the resulting program. In most cases customers can recreate the tutorial programs by carefully watching the tutorial videos and associated description materials.

2) Programs

Markplex offers programs that you may find useful in your technical analysis. These programs will normally be downloadable for a fee.

3) Gold Pass

Gold Pass membership was created to get students creating TradeStation EasyLanguage programs as quickly as possible. Gold Pass does not assume that you are a technical or programming expert and starts from a basic level.

The course is in video format, with example programs available for copying and pasting into the EasyLanguage PowerEditor. I will also refer to relevant materials within the existing tutorials and programs sections of this site. This link includes a video that introduces the course and explains it’s format:


4) EasyLanguage programming services

Learning to use EasyLanguage can give you a lot of flexibility in your analysis, however, it is time consuming and not everyone has the inclination or wants to invest the time to learn the language. Markplex provides programming services to your specification.

Before submitting a detailed specification for your requirement it would be advised to email a brief overview and verify our availability.

EasyLanguage Programming Rates

EasyLanguage development projects are charged at US$ 450 per half day (members of the Markplex email list are eligible for a 10% discount and Gold Pass members receive a 20% discount). We also charge a fee for a data feed required to develop a client program, if required, for as long as the development process takes.

The minimum project is 0.5 day.

Your requirement and specification would be sent via e-mail.

Markplex will create a rough time estimate is created and agreed before work is started. This is all included on the service agreement that is emailed for signature.

When creating your specification, remember that computers do not understand vague concepts like ‘near’ or ‘touch’. For example, say you have create a horizontal line on your chart at a specific value. You want to create a strategy that will get into the market if the line is ‘touched’. Think about the following:

Does the price actually have to get to the line, or could it get close? (if so, how close?) Does it matter if price breaches the line? If so how much can it breach the line by? Do you want to take action as soon as price touches the line, or would you rather wait until the end of the bar (by which time price may have breached the line)?

If you use the concept of ‘trend’ how do you measure that a trend is occurring?

Please spell out any acronyms that you may use.

Steps to a successful EasyLanguage project

  1. Think about your requirement and write it down. E-mail it to us. We will ask you for clarification if necessary. Please don’t send a program originally created for another platform without a detailed description of what you want the program to do. If you don’t know where you want to go then we are probably not going to get there! Be aware of copyright issues. Also send as the name of the TradeStation symbol(s) that you would like to develop ‘against’ and bar type and length.
  2. The Markplex services agreement will be emailed for you to sign. Once this is signed and returned an an initial payment on the project, After this the analysis and programming part of the project can begin.
  3. Your requirement will be interpreted to more accurately define what we propose to deliver to you. The deliverable for this stage of the project is a specification which will be used for future programming.
  4. Coding will begin. We will send you an invoice, weekly for work completed in the previous week.
  5. When the project is complete, we will send you a TradeStation ELD file for you to upload into TradeStation or MultiCharts on your PC and invoice you for time that has not yet been invoiced.
  6. You then test the program carefully and check for any bugs.
  7. If you require future modifications to the program after delivery, this work will be charged for on a time and materials basis.


Payments may be made by credit card, or PayPal – I accept PayPal Credit Card balance, Bank Account funded payments.

You are not required to have or set up a Paypal account in order to pay by credit card.

Projects are usually payable partially up front and the remainder on delivery of of the project source code.


See Markplex Corporation’s Privacy Policy.