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Tutorial 136 | Using third party data

TradeStation’s third party data capability

In addition to the two short videos included on this page I also suggest that you watch TradeStation’s in depth video on third party data.  Also review the TradeStation page that discusses Third Party data formatting requirements.

You may need to use data for a symbol that is not currently available through TradeStation. Assuming that you can find an outside source for the data and are able to download and format it appropriately you can use the data with TradeStation’s third party data tool. Although the data will not be real time it would allow backtesting and technical analysis.

An example of data used by the third party data tool

The third party data tool also allows you to utilize TradeStation data that you have saved. A possible use for this is as follows: tick data is only available for the previous six months, however if you had saved the previous six month’s worth of data this could be concatenated with the current data to create a data file which contains 12 months of tick data that could then (at least in theory) be utilized using the third party data tool.

Once a symbol has been created using the third party tool it can be re-used.

The two videos below give two examples of how to use the third party tool.

Third party data on a chart
The Third Party data tool in very sensitive to formatting and set up. Make sure that you are following the formatting guidelines when trying to import third party data.

Video demonstration | Part 1

Video demonstration | Part 2