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Gold pass membership renewal

If you want to renew your Gold Pass membership click on the button, ensure that you are logged in and click the following button:


Fees are $18.95 per month (payable every three months, in advance, by PayPal subscription).

With Gold Pass membership you get access to the ‘basic training course,’ ‘intermediate training course,’ and the ‘advanced training course’ together with any updates that I make to the course in the future. I expect that members will feedback information so that I can create new videos or clarify existing information. In addition members will be eligible for:

  • Ongoing access to basic training materials. Additional videos and materials will be added to this course from time to time. See details of the course.
  • Ongoing access to the intermediate videos and training materials.
  • Ongoing access to the advanced videos and training materials.
  • Ability to request additional training materials or seek clarification of existing materials.
  • Two free downloads every quarter. Each quarter I select and make available two different programs or tutorial programs from the Markplex site for you to download at no additional cost.
  • A 20% discount off any downloadable programs or tutorials available through
  • An additional 10% discount off our programming rates (making a total discount of 20%).
  • Preferential ability to make suggestions for future tutorials or programs.
  • Submit questions to the Q&A area of the membership site.

These benefits are available to you while still a member. Should you decide to cease your membership access to materials and discounts will no longer be available, although you may keep any programs or tutorials that you have downloaded while a member. Cancelling membership is a simple process. All you need to do is log into Paypal and cancel the subscription profile. Once you do this your membership will be automatically changed to inactive and you will not longer be able to access membership pages.


$18.95 per month (payable every three months, in advance, by PayPal subscription).

If you want the benefits of the membership option click on the button, below to subscribe:


Video tour of Gold Pass