FREE tutorials

TradeStation EasyLanguage is not a difficult language to learn. Our FREE tutorial pages take you through some simple STEP-BY-STEP programming examples that aim to help your learn to develop your own programs. The BIG advantage of this approach is that you will develop the tool set to adjust you trading ideas and write new programs […]

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We offer a basic training course through our Gold Pass membership, which includes several other benefits. We also offer TradeStation EasyLanguage training sessions over the Internet. These cover a variety of topics (feel free to let us know of any topic you would like us to cover), last one hour, including questions and answers. Once […]

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EasyLanguage programming services

Learning to use EasyLanguage can give you a lot of flexibility in your analysis, however, it is time consuming and not everyone has the inclination or wants to invest the time to learn the language. We also provide programming services to your specification. We are based near San Diego, California and also offer training or […]

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I occasionally develop programs that you may find useful as both a way of gaining greater EasyLanguage skills (by reading through the program code) and in your technical analysis. These programs are downloadable for a fee. Click here for a list of programs and summaries. Gold Pass members are eligible for 20% off program prices […]

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I watched the video and am using the code. I am very happy and excited as your way of instructing is very efficient and direct. Thank you.

Shane  - Chicago IL

Most helpful, and most gracious of you.  I can describe your tutorials "Quenching"... hits the spot.

Jim K.  - Cardiff by the Sea, CA

I have been in the financial industry for a while, and just started program trading recently. Some simple trading ideas, when translated into coding, may be very, very difficult. As a newbie to program trading and coding, although I have finished backtesting with Microsoft Excel, when I really wanted to apply it to TS, it became a painful task. When I got in touch with Martyn Whittaker of Billy Fire LLC ( for the first time, he immediately realized my need and problems, and it was fixed in a very short time. His integrity is also noteworthy. He always tries to solve the client's problem within the shortest time. He does not play tricks such as overestimating the hours he needs. Sometimes I think that maybe he should charge a higher rate.... I strongly recommend Mr. Martyn Whittaker of Billy Fire LLC.

Name Withheld  - Taiwan

This is great stuff! I like it and I like the way that you responded in a Q&A section with a nice video explanation for GoldPass Members.

As always you came with great piece of code, with lots of things I'd never come up with. In those moments I feel like I was watching a magic show where Master Magician is taking little bunnies out from his big black hat. When I watch your videos I usually sit with my mouth wide open wondering 'Where did he get THAT bunny from?'.

But that is only an encouragement for further development of my skills and staying around in GoldPass Membership.
Thank you again for your help on this. I really appreciate it.

Bart S.  - Dublin, Ireland