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Quick-tip 64 | Global dictionary example | Radarcreen to chart (real-time)

Quick-tip 64 demonstrates the use of the Global Dictionary. In this tutorial the values of two moving averages from two rows in RadarScreen are stored in a GlobalDictionary using a sender program (_Quick-tip64-Send) and then they are read by a receiver program (_Quick-tip64-Receive) in real time. The sender program is applied twice to Radarscreen with different lengths.

The values are read from the Global Dictionary using another program (_Quick-tip64-Receive) and plotted on the receiving chart.

The syntax for creating a global dictionary varies depending on how the global dictionary will be used. To share values beyond the same window type (e.g. between a chart and RadarScreen) OR between two charts when multi-core charting is enabled.

myGD = GlobalDictionary.create( True, "share_name" );

The Share parameter value of TRUE or FALSE controls whether interprocess sharing is enabled or disabled.

See Tutorial 161 for a similar project.

The example indicator(s) applied to a chart
The example indicator(s) applied to a chart

Video example