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Quick-tip 89 | Importing a text file into ELCollections


Collections for EasyLanguage is a versatile and powerful programming feature that allows TradeStation EasyLanguage to manage and manipulate groups of data efficiently.

_Quick-tip 89 explains how to import a comma delimited text file into an ELCollections collection of lists. In this example the lists include list of numbers and lists of strings. The quick-tip also demonstrates ways of accessing the data once the text file has been imported.

If you are a TradeStation customer the ELCollections may be downloaded from this page:

ELCollections is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed. The ELCollections software is offered “as-is”, with no warranty, either express or implied, of its suitability for any purpose.

Example text file used in this quick-tip

Free download of Quick-tip 89 show me study for Gold Pass members

Download the quick-tip 89 TradeStation EasyLanguage Show me study free for Gold Pass members If you are a Gold Pass member you can download the tutorial code below, please make sure that you are logged in with your Gold Pass user name and password. This content is for members only.

Output from Quick-tip 89

Output from the Quick-tip 89 program

Output from the Quick-tip 89 program


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